Adding Value

The benefits of working with Spree belong to everyone.

Adding Value:

At Spree Enterprise our focus is on customising our service offerings, this occurs through the fulfilment of one of our core business objectives: to add value to our clients’ operations every day. This results in Spree working as an extension of our client’s business, in a true partnership, with a common goal of increasing efficiency and profitability.

We aim to be the best at what we do in each of Spree’s services. By combining industry knowledge, experience and technical expertise that allows us to deliver on our service promises, adding tangible value to our clients’ operations and to support their growing success.

Where you will find Spree Enterprise:

Currently you will find us playing a supporting role in the success of major Government and private organisations. Therefore we service many CBD buildings ranging from 4,000sqm through to 40,000sqm, including some of Melbourne most iconic buildings and locations.

You will also find us in those conspicuous places, such as sewer treatments plants and underground tunnels, where we provided highly specialised cleaning services for confined and difficult spaces.

Spree services and maintains highly sensitive environments, such as those used by leading pharmaceutical organisations to conduct stem cell research and development. Spree is also a preferred contractor for the Department of Health and Ageing.

At sporting and leisure events you may know us through the services we provide at local community sporting venues and stadiums.

In most cases, we work behind the scenes, seamlessly fitting in to the surround environment. Yet our role is pivotal in designing, managing and delivering services for our customers. As a B2B services company, we focus on responding to the needs of our customers. To do that effectively and efficiently, our emphasis is based on recruiting outstanding staff talent, simple and proficient systems and an experienced management structure to support our clients in anyway needed.

Spree regularly undertakes quantitative analyses to help measure the services our clients receive and their value. This is just one aspect of the contract between Spree and its’ clients which ultimately means greater value and time save managing non-core areas of their businesses. Being flexible also means that we have the ability to scale the delivery model up or down, as circumstances demand.

But greater than just cost or time saving is the positive effect our services have on the environment. A benefit we all share, through ‘Our Pledge’ and a range of sustainability and human resources initiatives.