Being an industry leader is not determined through business size alone. It also involves injecting what is most needed into an industry and the ability to foster an environment that encourages opportunity and hope.

Leading the facilities service industry means providing our clients with consistent services whilst always looking to make things better. Spree achieves this through the introduction of more efficient practices that promote and increase productivity and reduce costs. We also do this by simply monitoring quality more effectively and developing new ways to meet our client’s needs.

We consider leadership an integrated process where our profit chain is connected with our value chain and our micro-management is converted to leadership management, this is automated to deliver solutions that are assimilated and enhanced, through the sharing of information, precise communications and proficient distribution of this knowledge to our staff members.

Spree does not just manage our clients, staff or partners. But rather we lead them to be successful by promoting a culture in which trying to make a difference is always appreciated.