Our People Strategy

Spree depends heavily on the words and actions of our employees. The development of this area of our organisation is at the heart of our success, and is just one reason why Spree is leading the facility service industry.

We appreciate that in order to maintain customer trust, loyalty and profitability we must create the best possible conditions for our people.

Integral to our people strategy, is fostering and nurturing leadership among our staff. We have found that investing in the right people and the right training is critical in becoming a leader. As Spree grows and increases its service offerings, on-going expansions of training and development are indispensable.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we offer the industry’s best opportunities for managers, operational experts, technical service staff and third party partners, regardless of race, religion or sex.


Our Working Environment:

Spree is committed to helping our employees develop the knowledge base necessary for career progression across all levels of our organisation.

Wherever possible, we always look internally to promote our own staff first. More importantly, we also promote a working culture that ensures everyone cares for each other.

To help encourage a harmonious and enjoyable working environment we run several training camps and housing team building sessions that expand on our commitment to creating a better future.

Spree also conducts several external courses to assist in the ongoing development of our employees, developing our managers into lateral thinkers.

We strive to foster a work environment that promotes on-going advancement for all staff in every area of our business. This means that our best asset, our staff, are sure to prosper further whilst working at Spree.