At Spree, we regularly make strategic decisions to better the value and qualities of our services while always making sure that our decisions have a positive impact upon the environment.

For us, creating a better world entails the use of environmentally friendly cleaning substances and tools as well as reducing water consumption. We aspire to continually improve our environmental performance by making considered and planned decisions like introducing our Go Clean Go Green™ program.  Go Clean Go Green™ influences every one of our services, by utilising the best in environmentally sound products and equipment from certified suppliers.

This, combined with the development of our green in-house processes, applications and training (and advances in things like non-alkaline based chemicals and technology, alongside the microfiber cleaning clothes) means that extra costs are rarely involved in making facilities and workplaces healthier, cleaner, safer and greener.

Our commitment to all things green also extends to our employees and stakeholders, to ensure that they also make a positive impact on our environment. By combining our business with our clients’ green operations, such as pollution reduction, waste minimisation, recycling, water saving practices and power usage reduction programs, all of us are making a collective effort to make the world a more sustainable place.