Quality Management

At Spree we pride ourselves on our philosophy of continuous learning. We believe excellence and quality are infinite journeys. We learn from the things we did yesterday to help us build, refine and improve the things we do tomorrow… This is our never-ending commitment to enhancing the quality of the service that we deliver every day.

Spree is currently certified to the ISO 9001, an internationally recognised standard for the quality management of businesses that assist in providing processes across all areas of organisations. It prescribes the systematic control of activities to ensure that the needs and expectations of Spree’s customers are met and at the same time motivates our staff by defining their key roles and responsibilities. Not only does the ISO 9001 demonstrate the existence of an effective quality management system, which satisfies the rigors of an external audit, but more importantly it shows Spree’s commitment to quality, its customers and a willingness to work towards improving efficiency.

At Spree, we have also designed our own quality management system 3TQM. This is an assimilated channel, which provides the highest levels of quantitative customer service, support and quality management through a single integrated method. We have aligned our Customer Service and Support processes with our communication and management systems and developed a unique three-tier quality management system (3TQM).

3TQM has been developed to provide ongoing improvements to our service management processes. It has resulted in a seamless integration of our support system into our customer service department. Our 3TQM system enables us to clearly define our clients’ objectives, and provide a focused and simplified service that achieves the desired results.