SOP’s for Green Cleaning Program

At Spree, we believe that in the not too distant future our Go Clean Go Green™ cleaning program will become an industry standard.

Recently we introduced our Go Clean Go Green™ program, which uses the best practices for the environment, whilst also using the best products and equipment from certified suppliers for the job. In addition, we have developed green-in house procedures, applications and training.

The Go Clean Go Green cleaning program presents in most cases, a very cost-effective option for making your facilities, workplaces and properties greener, healthier and cleaner. This has been possible with the advancement in non-alkaline and citrus-based chemicals and technology, alongside things like microfiber cleaning clothes.

Developing our Go Clean Go Green™ Cleaning Program involved considerable amounts of research, combined with trial and error. However after almost 3 years, we have finally developed a full set of Service Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for our program. This allows us to use scorecard criteria to determine what equipment, products, processes and materials are best suited to the cleaning needs of our clients. Together with the selection scorecard, we have also developed a green cleaning instruction manual that includes technical training and instructions on ‘How To’ perform green cleaning tasks.

At Spree developing a cleaning SOP’s, which is eco-friendly, has facilitated the use of a uniformed approach when implementing our Go Clean Go Green™ Program, meaning that our customers are receiving a ratified and consistent service.

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