Sustainability Initiatives

At Spree Enterprise we try to make sure that we promote sustainable practices throughout all parts of our organisation. This has been evident in some positive developments by our employees to reduce their own carbon emission footprint by making some simple changes to their day-to-day activities beyond the time they spend at work.

Spree Enterprise strives to continually improve its environmental performance by making calculated initiatives, like introducing our Go Clean Go Green™ program and using bio-fuels where possible. Go Clean Go Green™ touches every one of our services by making the most of products, which are safe for the environment and equipment from certified suppliers. Given the advancement in products, it means that in most cases, no extra cost is involved in making facilities and workplaces healthier, cleaner and greener.

Our commitment to all things green also extends to our employees and stakeholders and helping them to also make a positive stance towards our environment. By promoting the reduction of pollution, waste minimisation and recycling, adopting water saving practices and power usage reduction programs we are making a collective effort together with our clients to make the world a more sustainable place.

Spree is also in the process of gaining a certification in the Environmental Management ISO14001 standard. This assists us in continually improving our environmental performance whilst complying with the law.

In addition to the things we do daily, we have setup our ‘Green Committee’ who’s responsibility is to research and work with renewable and biodegradable materials. They also look for better ways to improve our green purchasing criteria, along with whatever else they discover during our open discussions. Our objectives are aligned across the entire organisation, ensuring that we enhance our technical capability and serve our community for future generations.