Waste Management & Recycling Programs

Our goal is to improve our sustainability and that of our clients, whilst promoting recycling programs that ensure our waste management systems work for everyone’s benefit.

We envisage and are in the process of creating, a recycling service that offers communities and businesses more effective and affordable recycling options.

Spree Enterprise offers waste management solutions in conjunction with, our third party partner under our long-standing wholesalers’ agreement. Our waste management solutions can either be offered as a single service or as part of a bundled contract package.

The benefits

The benefits of recycling are obvious: it reduces the amount of waste entering in landfill which again reduces the amount of methane (CH4) and CO2 which is released into the earth’s atmosphere.

Waste Recycling

Spree Enterprise has a comprehensive and distinctive recycling solution that helps recover particular materials including glass, metals, plastics and liquids for recycling. This includes a colour-coded system for specific waste refuge and supplying workplaces with appropriate bins for rubbish.

The research figures show that approximately 65% of all waste from the office is recyclable paper and cardboard. In conjunction with our suppliers, our own studies have shown that even in offices with recycling programs, over half of all waste is high-quality paper and cardboard.

In larger office buildings, this can mean over 500kg of waste paper per day.

Working closely with our waste management suppliers, we have been at the forefront with developing innovative and cost-effective solutions which provide a foundation for tomorrow’s environmentally responsible services. Best-in-class service practices, combined with elite environmental principles, have become the key to maintaining our competitive advantage in our business offerings.

In addition to the general waste stream recycling program for paper, cardboard and plastics, we also have a recycling program for most other things like IT hardware, fluorescent lights, office furniture and rubber tyres. If you would like to know more about our recycling programs please call us today on 1300 788 080.