About Spree

At Spree we provide service solutions for the simplest to some of the toughest challenges that face the cleaning and facility maintenance industry. To compliment our cleaning solutions we also offer a range of services which include waste management, garden and grounds maintenance, hygiene and washroom services, pest management, to smarter, more eco-friendly toiletry supplies. It is through such services that we continue to shape the industry with cutting edge eco-friendly developments.

At the heart of every relationship that Spree has is our simple philosophy: ‘Building Customers for Life’. Our core values drive our behaviours and ensure we are with you every step of the way and most importantly when we are needed most. Our motto ‘Creating Tomorrow’, is the premise on which our talented people and expertises, work with you in creating and delivering solutions not just for today, but also for the benefit of our future generations.

Currently we service a range of facilities across various industry sectors which include:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Government
  • Retail
  • Leisure and Entertainment
  • Health and Age Care
  • Education
  • Hospitality and Accommodation
  • Construction


Putting a smile on the faces of our Customers, Employees and People in our Communities by creating a clean and fresh start to every day.


To be the best, lead through innovation and inspire a cleaner future not just for today, but for future generations to come.


Building Customers for Life’ by providing outstanding customer service, being there when we are needed most and by doing the ordinary, extraordinarily well.



It’s the performance standards we hold ourselves accountable to every day. Our commitment to being the best is relentless, but at the same time we understand it’s a result of delivering uncompromising excellence in everything we do and our willingness to always go the extra mile to exceed expectations.


Inspiring the courage to be challenged and look at doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. We bring the creativity of strategic vision and tactical collaboration as the driving force behind being a true market leader.


Our meaning of TEAM is ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’. We put the safety of our people first and we will work as one and support each other every step of the way.


Delivering on our promise every day is the primary foundation in which our trust is built on. Qualities like integrity, honesty and reliability enable us to Build Customers for Life. We safeguard our people and help transform facilities. It’s the essence of what makes us the best – the main DNA of who we are.


Doing business with us, will be simple, easy and predictable. Making the complex, simple. Simplification means quicker execution and closer collaboration with customers.




To Our Customers:

We pledge excellence in everything we do. If we fall short, we will immediately rectify the situation and make it better. We promise to regularly improve our services and processes through development, experience and knowledge and sharing an unyielding commitment to be the very best in our industry and for our customers. 

To Our Suppliers & Partners:

We pledge to be considerate, efficient and to conduct our business in an ethical manner. We will respect your interests and expect to be served as we promised to serve. The foundation of our relationships are based on trust, integrity and mutual aspirations for business excellence.

To Our Team:

We pledge personal respect, fair remuneration, integrity, honesty and impartial treatment. To those who are committed and seek to advance their careers, we will make every effort to provide an opportunity to do so. We make our commitment to be an equal opportunity employer that fosters diversity in the workplace. We encourage and practise company-wide excellence, leadership, innovation and teamwork. We acknowledge and practise all safety, environmental and cleanliness procedures and maintain a healthy balance between our personal and professional lives.

To Our Community:

We pledge to be an active citizen in our community. To continue supporting worthwhile causes and actions that support and promote a clean and healthy environment. At Spree our values have and continue to guide our moral and ethical behaviour, policies and conduct. Therefore symbolising the integrity and responsibility of our corporate citizenship and our aspirations to maintain the confidence of our society in our organisation.