Chairman’s Message

At Spree, we are always looking at how to turn our ideas and concepts into real work. We lift the ideas off the paper, out of the office and into the sectors we operate in.

Cleaners, gardeners, multi-skilled operatives, leaders and managers all share the same values that things can always be improved and made to function better. This is one of the many reasons why myself and others in the Spree team come to work every day.  In order to improve the services we provide and to enhance the working environments for our customers.

I strongly believe that culture is the foundation for any successful enterprise. Spree’s culture motivates our staff to continually improve every day. This is representative of our core values and it is the very motor that keeps the engine of our organisation running.

Today’s business landscape is changing rapidly and at the foreground is an increased focus on programs, which are sustainable. Such programs enable companies from around the world to make our planet a much safer and healthier place to live and work.

As the times change and the needs of customers grow, so must the breadth of approaches to the dilemmas faced by the industry and the quality of solutions offered.

The deterioration of our eco-systems has sparked a global phenomenon encouraging Governments in both established and developing nations to speed up the implementation of environmentally sustainable programs.

In reaction to the needs of the market, Spree had developed our own priority cleaning program ‘Go Clean Go GreenTM’ and has forged ahead as a true leader in green cleaning solutions. Our ‘Go Clean Go GreenTM’ program includes new methods of cleaning, which are environmentally friendly including certified products and equipment, which is then combined with our trademark methodologies. Our distinguished methods and processes include ongoing training, service scope overlays, ATP testing and an unmatched support for our customers.

Alongside our latest innovations, we have continued to enhance and streamline the integration of our facility-service offering by working closely with our clients to deliver solutions, which are a direct response to their core needs and ancillary requests.

Spree is embracing the challenges of creating an eco-friendly world and it’s shifting business paradigms. Our eyes are open as we enter an era that will change the way of doing business forever. These changes may start just by making a facility a healthier place for all employees, partners, suppliers, customers and communities – and for others Spree is already working as an integral partner to make this a reality.

I am truly excited that you have given us the opportunity to present our vision for your business and the future, because I am sure that you will enjoy what you are about to discover.

Warmest Regards,

David Ristevski
Chairman and CEO