Our History

The founder of Spree Enterprise, Tony Ristevski, in 1981 aspired to establish a small business that he could be proud of. Tony made the decision to direct his focus from carpet cleaning to commercial cleaning, after noting that a majority of Australia’s commercial and industrial-based organisations were outsourcing their non-core activities. By the later half of 1986, Spree Enterprise had secured some of Melbourne’s most prestigious contacts including the likes of Mobil, IBM, Public Transport Corporation and the Herald Sun Newspaper.

A quarter of a century later, Spree Enterprise has experienced a steady rate of growth and attributes it’s success to providing  best-in-class cleaning and facility maintenance services for it’s clients in a broad variety of markets, such as commercial, industrial, governmental, retail, the leisure and entertainment sector, health and aged care, education, hospitality, accommodation and construction.

1999 heralded a new era for Spree Enterprise, with Tony’s son David joining the team before departing in 2003 and then rejoining the team in 2010.  Since David’s reintroduction into the business he has becoming the integral driver of Spree’s success. David has continued to simplify the company’s core business models, whilst working on making Spree a ‘Truly Amazing’ customer-centric business.

At the heart of this strategy are the key objectives of increasing and further developing greater services offered to customers and pioneering the development of new and original service solutions for niche markets.

Today, Spree Enterprise continues to lead in the creation of innovative approaches to integrate various facility services into packages, which support and maintain our clients’ workplaces, facilities and finances.