Our Commitment
We at Spree Enterprise understand how important privacy is to our clients and their customers. We are committed to ensuring the highest standards in privacy protection. All Spree Enterprise employees, from our Administration team to senior manager are trained in privacy issues and our Information Technology staff keep up to date on the latest development in data security. As a service provider to our clients, Spree Enterprise works with it’s clients to ensure that client programmes are conducted in compliance with the Privacy Act at entry level of the organisation. Spree is committed to continue to work with our clients in addressing privacy issues as new programmes are implemented, developed and enhanced. Spree Enterprise understands that consumers and organisations are demanding greater respect for privacy and the confidentiality in their transactions with business. The customers of Spree Enterprise will value the professionalism response that Spree provides to privacy and confidentiality concerns. We will continue to design and improve systems capable of responding to client and customers’ expectations.

Information Collected
Spree Enterprise is provided with, and on occasions collects, personal information regarding ourclients details as set out in our service contracts with our clients. Examples of the types of information provided to us or which we may collect includes customers names, contact details, account management information and communication history. This information is collected for the purpose of providing exception customer care in handling inquiries and servicing customers’ needs and also containing and liaising with customers in relation to our products and services.

How Information is Handled
Except as required by law, Spree Enterprise does not disclose any non-public personal information about it’s employees or it’s customers without the direct and written permission of the individual or client. As we are a service provider to our clients, we share the clients information between Spree Enterprise and the client and where directed with their business partners. Additionally, should any customer indicate they do not wish to be contacted, or for contact to be limited to certain media, this information is recorded and communicated to our client in accordance with the service agreement in place with that particular client.

Safeguarding Your Information
We are committed to developing and maintaining the best-in-class approach to physical, computer and network, communications and personal security. In relation to physical, computer and network, communications and personal security. In relation to physical security we restrict access to personal information to those persons who have a need to know the information as a requirement of their responsibilities or position. Our computer and network security is monitored in accordance with the Quality Management System. Additionally, we utilise third parties to audit and review our systems to ensure compliance to a best practice approach as well as relevant legislation.

Access to Personal Information
Individuals have a right to ask Spree Enterprise to provide them with access to their personal information. However, because we own our clients information we would never combine the database records or share their details with another client. Although we assist individuals and our clients with their request for personal information directly, we generally encourage individuals to approach their department manager and to seek access from them directly. However we allows facility individuals and our clients through our