The education sector encompasses a broad range of facilities and institutions. But what they do have in common is their high demand and high traffic nature. Our broad range of service offering has enabled Spree to response to the numerous challenges, which are offered from the education sector, with seamless and prompt solutions.

For the last 5 years Spree has successfully been providing its clients in the education sector, with a variety of facility services from carpet cleaning, to hygiene and washroom services, to general cleaning and gardening.

Spree’s ability to provide a customer specific service program, means that we can cater to the multiple and diverse needs of our clients whether they be a school, TAFE, collage or University. Firstly our managers and staff identify evaluate the specific needs of each client. This allows Spree to create a customised plan for each client, ensuring we provide you with the services you need rather then unwanted excess services that increase the costs. Advancements in our technology have also enabled us to streamline many of our cleaning processes and are an alternative to paper based human resource management and quality control. In addition, it has allowed us to increase responsiveness and proficiency in work scheduling and deployment, so we have the ability to get the job done quicker with better tracking and auditing abilities. Thus providing our clients with a service, which is streamlined, cost-effective and efficient.

Our skilled managers and staff, take absolute control and responsibility for the whole package provided, ultimately meaning your staff and teacher are not forced to manage non-educational services. We provide the right services and support needed by our clients in the education sector, to ensure they can support the future generations to come.