Our integrated Facility Service offering helps you reduce costs, simplifies communication and eliminates having to manage multi-tiered service providers.


Spree offers an extensive range of services including cleaning, gardening, waste management, washroom services, carpet care, and even multi-skilled facility support service teams. We can provide either a single service or a bundled contract package. The more services and support functions combined into a single contract package the greater the cost savings will be. The ease of operation and having just one point for all your needs makes the benefits of packaging crystal clear.

By incorporating our facility service offerings, our clients enjoy a reduction in costs, accessible communication and eradicates the messy business of managing multiple service providers at once. This means that you receive a service that is more cost effective and is customised to your requirements.

Once your ideal service program is established, Spree’s work effectively becomes a facet of your organisation in multiple of areas from service planning, workflow, processes, ongoing cost reduction exercises and resource scheduling.

Spree Enterprise understands that your expectations and needs are unique, we guarantee that we deliver on our partnering promise, every time.


Facility Service is a Partnering Process:

We work closely with our customers to develop solutions that can incorporate single or multiple services, depending on their requests and needs. We find synergies in the service programs and optimise how we serve our clients by extending the scope and adding-value to the existing service set-up. Our model demonstrates how the package can grow from a single service through to a bundled service package

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