Carpet Care

Our Carpet Care division provides a specialised steam cleaning service that includes an eight-step treatment process:

1. Inspection:

One of our experienced staff members will inspect the carpet to identify the soiled areas and stains.

2. Filtration vacuuming:

Every area of the carpet is treated and steam cleaned, including moving furniture and pre-vacuuming the carpeted areas that will be steam cleaned with a high-suction,
seven-layer filtration system.

3. Pre-spray:

Soiled carpet areas are pre-sprayed with our carefully selected eco-friendly products this prepares the carpet for the most effective cleans possible.

4. Treatment:

Perhaps one of the most crucial steps to the whole process is applying our special stain removal treatment to the affected areas this means that when the steam clean takes place there is the highest chance of a 100% removal.

5. Machine buff:

Once the stain removal treatment has engaged itself with any stain particles, we machine buff the stains on a speed of 500 rpm. This enables the particles, which form the stain to be broken up and extracted during the steam cleaning process.

6. Protection:

Objects and furniture are prepared with protection pads and foam blocks to ensure any damage is prevented. This also helps with allowing access to the entire carpet by safely elevating obstacles as deemed necessary.

7. Steam clean:

A steam cleaning process is performed. A fruit based citrus chemical is also utilised that disinfects, deodorises and gives carpet a fresh finish.

8. Final groom:

The final step of the process entails giving the carpet fibres a final groom to create a uniform finish that also enables it to dry faster.