Go Clean, Go Green

Spree has utilised the developments in technology to increase its eco-friendly practices and capabilities. This positive ‘Green’ attitude is present throughout all aspects of Sprees organisation from the services it provides, to the cost effective packages it offers, to the methods and processes used and the education and training provided to staff.

Our ‘Go Clean Go Green™’ cleaning program is our latest innovation and forms part of our overall initiative to provide green cleaning solutions in a manner, which is both effective and environmentally responsible.

The creation and the implementation of our environmentally friendly practices has had an enormously positive impact on the way we service our clients, from attending to small tasks, right through to planning and executing the on-going maintenance of an integrated service contract.

Our overall program takes into account every aspect of a service delivery plan and leverages our best methods and solutions with the best products and equipment from certified suppliers. These are combined with the developments of our in-house processes, applications and training to provide the most focused and green service possible.


In going green, a client will experience extended benefits that will increase facility performance both now and in the future, all whilst having a positive impact on our planet.

If you would like to know more on how our Go Clean Go Green program can enhance the performance of your facility please download our brochures.