Hygiene & Washroom Services

Spree Enterprise offers an array of hygiene solutions, which deliver comprehensive customised services. Our range of specialised, innovative washroom services and products ensure that the facility’s hygiene is always maintained.

In the workplace, washrooms are some of the most commonly used facilities. Therefore, a reliable, professional service that ensures a pleasant washroom experience is necessary.

The hygiene solutions offered by Spree are dependable washroom hygiene and specialist urinal and toilet cleaning programs with quality products, consumables and specialised cleaning applications.

Spree’s innovative hygiene, washroom solutions and specialist cleaning will guarantee that our trained, security-checked and uniformed staff visits your washrooms regularly. Ultimately leaving your facilities consistently clean, odourless and hygienic.

Spree Enterprise also provides a comprehensive range of bathroom products that complement our high level of hygiene solutions. These include infant changing wipes and systems, soap dispensers, hand systems (using paper or air), seat cleaners, WC and urinal sanitation, feminine hygiene units, sanitisers, clinical waste, cigarette disposal units and automated air fresheners.

We also ensure that the disposal of the waste generated from our washroom and hygiene solutions is treated and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.