Multi-Skilled & Facility Support Services

At Spree we ensure value in many areas of our services and solutions, but we never compromise on the effort required to get there. With a 98% customer retention rate, it is certainly testimony to the satisfaction of our customers and the quality in which we deliver our services every day.

The diversification of the services offered by Spree does not have to mean greater cost or staff members needed to handle a client’s business. One multi-skilled Spree staff member may, in fact, be able to handle all of a client’s needs.

Our multi-skilled service solutions replace a reliance on co-ordinating multiple trade-contractors for soft non-core services, whilst substantially reducing operating costs.

Our specialised service operatives are put through a proprietary training course specifically designed for and by Spree. At course graduation, our employees are given a multi-skilled operative certificate and are now equipped with the knowledge and training to implement multiple soft non-core services. This includes cleaning, gardening, light globe replacement, washer replacement, toilet unblocking, general handyman such as small repair works, painting and touch ups.

A client’s facilities can either house a single multi-skilled service operative or a resident team, depending on the scope, nature and size of the facility. Many of our high-rise apartment buildings, for instance, have a live-in multi-skilled service operative, whilst the smaller shopping centres house teams of 2 to 4.

The multi-skilled service concept has produced incredible benefits for our clients and enormous cost savings. Our multi-skilled services are not a standard package, so we have the flexibility of designing a solution that best suits a client’s specific needs.

Our facility support services were introduced to compliment and add value to our core services. Through our network of third party trade-contractors we provide services that include electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting, pest control and handy work.