Waste Management

The same amount of paper recycled equates to saving: 17 trees or 1680 kg timber, 2.5 cubic metres of landfill, 26,317 litres of water, 1752 litres of oil, and 8.2 months energy for average Australian household, 3.98 tonnes of greenhouse gas (CO2).

Spree Enterprise offers waste management solutions in conjunction with our third party partner under our longstanding wholesalers’ agreement. Spree’s flexibility extends to our

Waste Management solutions, which can be either offered as a single service or as part of a bundled contract package.


The benefits:

The benefits of recycling are obvious: it reduces the amount of waste entering in landfill which again reduces the amount of methane (CH4) and CO2 which is released into the earth’s atmosphere.


Spree’s waste management solutions are segregated into the following areas:

Office blocks and towers, restaurants, shops, public facilities and other:

This service is particularly suited for customers with space restrictions, but it is also for decentralised or smaller waste generators. The Rearlift System is suitable for almost all types of mixed and source separated waste.

For factories and manufacturers, offices, workshops, schools, shopping centres, retail and hotels:

The Frontlift System is suitable for almost a

ll-commercial and industrial mixed and source-separated waste. Compactors are ideal for larger volumes of compactable waste.

For construction and demolition sites, industry, clean ups and timber wastes:

The Hooklift System is ideal for customers who generate larger amounts of dense, bulky and non-compactable waste. It is ideal for construction sites, renovations or green and timber waste. The Hooklift System is flexible for tight access areas.

Waste Recycling:

Spree Enterprise has a complete and unique recycling service that helps recover materials for recycling. This includes glass, metals, plastics and liquids. Our program has a colour-coded system for specific waste matter. Bins are placed in the workplace for employees to deposit appropriate waste into.

Research has shown that approximately 65% of all waste from the office is recyclable paper and cardboard. In conjunction with our sup

pliers, our own studies have shown that even in offices with paper and cardboard recycling programs, over half of all waste being land-filled is
high-quality paper and cardboard. In larger office buildings, this can mean over 500kg of waste paper per day. Spree’s services and eco-solutions are aimed at decreasing the large percentage of paper and cardboard, which ends up in landfill.