We provide solutions

At Spree we provide service solutions for the simplest to some of the toughest challenges that face the cleaning and facility maintenance industry. To complement our cleaning solutions we also offer a range of services and It is through such services that we continue to shape the industry delivering solutions and cutting-edge eco-friendly developments.

1. Our Customer Service Charter guarantees the service we provide, from the first time you contact us through to every step of customer service and the fulfilment process. You will know exactly what to expect.

2. Value for money by leveraging our investments, values and approach to build premium based services. We have created a clear point of difference that sets us apart from the rest, by bringing an unparalleled service platform to the facility maintenance industry.

3. We are a highly people dependent business and building winning teams is an essential part of our philosophy.

Creating Tomorrow

We work on creating and delivering solutions not just for today, but also for the benefit of our future generations. We also acknowledge that being responsible creates the opportunities to enhance lives and make the world a better place. This is crucial in Spree's aim of helping to create tomorrow.

At Spree Enterprise our promise to deliver service excellence and endless value is what we do best. We approach each client with an open mind and develop a service program that is tailored to reflect customers' unique needs. Being flexible to deliver cleaning and facility service solutions is the cornerstone of our work, and as a service partner we will work with you to create and deliver solutions not just for today, but for the benefit of our future generations.

We offer an impressive range of commercial cleaning and related facility service solutions for businesses and organizations, all with one very simple philosophy - to 'Build Customers for Life' and transform our clients' facilities from ordinary to extraordinary.


At the very core of Spree is our 'Customer Service Charter' which is the heart of everything we do. Our green edge innovations foster a culture that has made Spree a true market leader and no matter how big or small the task may be, Spree is always there when you need us the most.

With our unwavering reputation for professionalism, responsiveness and innovative services, our customers rely on us each and every day to keep their facilities clean and impeccable. Whether you see us sweeping streets or bump into one of our friendly faces in a lift, lobby or office space, we are the ones responsible for a clean and fresh start to each day, and you can rely on us to thrive when the job needs to be done.

To Our Community

To Our Team

We pledge to be an active citizen in our community. To continue supporting worthwhile causes and actions that support and promote a clean and healthy environment.

At Spree our values have and continue to guide our moral and ethical behaviour, policies and conduct. Therefore, symbolising the integrity and responsibility of our corporate citizenship and our aspirations to maintain the confidence of our society in our organisation.


We pledge personal respect, fair remuneration, integrity, honesty and impartial treatment. To those who are committed and seek to advance their careers, we will make every effort to provide an opportunity to do so.

We make our commitment to be an equal opportunity employer that fosters diversity in the workplace. We encourage and practise company-wide excellence, leadership, innovation and teamwork. We acknowledge and practise all safety, environmental and cleanliness procedures and maintain a healthy balance between our personal and professional lives.


It is through such services that we continue to shape the industry with cutting edge eco-friendly development.

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