Special Operations Division

Our Special Operations Division provides specialised cleaning services for a range of niche markets and clients. Our range of specialised services focus on developing service programs that are highly technical, requiring specialised know-how and methodologies.

Our Special Operations division relies on our proprietary flow-chart processes to enable concise project planning and execution. This approach is also coupled with our ability to draw upon our deep and experienced knowledge bank of IP, capabilities, & resources to identify the best practices for delivering on specified outcomes.

At times delivering on our range of specialised services requires a very unique, lateral and systematic approach that provides solutions to very complex requirements.

Each project presents new challenges that command specialist skills to cross analyse the project from deliverables such as workplace safety, commercial risk, operational yields and resource planning. This allow us to determine the most cost efficient solution available without comprising the safety of our people and risk to our business.

Some of our recent projects have been testament to our ability to deliver, for example cleaning almost 10 kilometres of underground tunnels. This was a highly sensitive environment that required specialist apparel, safety apparatus, equipment and materials and a work plan that would optimise resource productivity whilst complying with the OHSE Site Safety Plan.


Our high pressure services provide cost-effective and intense cleaning solutions for areas such as car parks, facades, walkways, promenades and other high-traffic external environments. These systems also enable the effective removal of dirt build-up, grease, and residue in hard-to-reach areas or those not serviceable by conventional equipment. Our high pressure cleaning utilises chemicals that are biodegradable and eco-friendly. We also use recycled water wherever possible.

Some of the challenges we faced required innovative cleaning methodologies for confined spaces. The variable diameter access openings and limited weight bearing floor systems required intense project planning schedules and concise integration of the service delivery blueprint.

Industrial & Commercial Sweeping

For more than 10 years Spree Enterprise has provided Industrial Commercial Sweeping services. Whether is be from your small warehouse facility, to open public spaces, car parks and roads, to council streets and 50,000sqm distribution centres.

We have always embraced and utilised the latest technologies in machinery whether it be for an ad hoc service or a periodically scheduled sweeping contract. This allows Spree to drive value in areas such as cost efficiencies and sustainable practices.

pree offers a wide range of power sweeping and scrubbing services to clients in both the public and private sectors. Spree’s sweeping services are adaptable, responsive and some of the best in the industry.

Our fleet encompasses ride-on sweepers and scrubbers for road sweeping, it also includes ride-on sweeper and mechanical scrubbing. The services that Spree offers extends to a range of open space cleaning for council roads and properties, car parks, civil construction, warehouses and public domains.

Industrial and Commercial Sweeping is one of Spree’s core service competencies and we constantly seek out new technologies for tools, processes and materials that will further improve the service that we provide.

We employ Industrial Sweeping and floor Scrubbing with state of the art equipment that handle jobs from a small area comprising of 500 sqm to a large areas between 20,000-50,000 sqm.

Emergency & Disaster Recovery

In situations off emergency and disasters, a team of staff fully equipped and well organised, can insure that the damage inflicted on a company is limited, whilst saving you thousands in repairs, equipment and structural damage.

Spree has had a history of experience with aiding companies and businesses affected by an emergency or a disaster. In the critical times afters an incidents, we provide staff, advice and professional support, whilst assisting in the clean-up, replacement of equipment or supplies or just by helping your company to get back on its feet again.

Spree provides 24-hour emergency services and disaster recovery for many types of facilities and situations. Whether a client faces a relatively minor accident or extensive damage from a natural disaster, Spree has the flexibility, systems, equipment, staff and knowledge to make sure that all situations experienced by our clients are handled quickly and professionally.

Within one hour of receiving a call, a team specialising in emergency cleans will be on its way to the facility. The team is fully equipped and trained to attend to the emergency situation and implements the use of our industrial carpet steam cleaners, dryers, pressure cleaners and extraction machines.

Project & Builders Initial

Spree provide specialised services that prepare building or facilities for sale, re-leasing or hand over. All Cleaning services covers clients from high-end commercial builders and developers to smaller building companies and construction organisations.

Our services encompass precise planning of labor, plant, equipment and materials. Each job has individual requirements based on size, nature and constructional complexities. We have a highly specialised workforce — including skilled teams or individuals — that possess all necessary accreditations such as red cards for building sites, height licences and other relevant statutory requirements that enable the delivery of a range of services that are exible and cost effective, with minimal labor and maximum value.

Our ‘Builders & Initial Cleans’ leave properties in optimal condition, resulting in a positive corporate image and an increased perception of professionalism. Spree’s clients include some of Australia’s largest construction companies, project managers, shop tters, builders and developers.

We service an array of facilities from medical, educational, commercial, industrial, retail and medium to high-density residential. Spree also provides civil construction clean ups that remove the loose debris and large particles that are left behind after road or earthworks.

Floor Rejuv & Carpet Care

Having clean carpets is not just about preserving the aesthetic appeal, it’s a lot more than that, it helps treat bacteria, dust and residues that build up overtime. Adopting an annual carpet steam cleaning program is your ticket to a better bill of health. Since Spree Enterprise’s inception, carpet care and cleaning has been a core aspect of the organisation.

1. Inspection: This is experienced team members will inspect the carpet and identify solid area and stains

2. Filtration Vacuuming: Pre-vacum the carpet are which will be steam cleaned with high suction 7 layered filtration system

3. Pre-Spray: With our carefully selected eco-friendly product, we preparing the carpet for the most effective clean.

4. Treatment: We apply our special stain removal treatment to the stain affected areas, ensuring that when the steam clean takes place there is the highest probability of 100% removal. We allow approximately 15 mins for the removal treatment to penetrate the stains.

5. Machine Buff: Once the stain removal treatment has settled into the stain and has engaged itself into the particles we machine buff the stains on a speed of 500 RPM, to enable the particles forming the stain to be broken up and extracted during the steam cleaning process.

6. Protection: During this step we prepare the areas and furniture with protection pads and foam blocks to ensure that we prevent the cause of any damage and it allows us accessibility to the entire carpet by elevating obstacles that may stand in our way.

7. Steam Clean: This is where we perform the steam cleaning process, during this step we also use a fruit based citrus chemical that will disinfect, deodorise and give your carpet a fresh finishing touch.

8. Final Groom: The last step in the entire process is that we give the carpet fibres a final groom so that it looks unformed and enables it to dry faster.

Delivering an outstanging customer experience, that keeps us ahead of our compention on all differents Sectors

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