Spree developed the brand Educleaning: a specialised cleaning program for educational facilities


The Program:

The Educlean Green Cleaning Program finds synergies in the cleaning and value added services we provide to identify the best value tailored package to meet your school community needs.

Adopting our Educleaning Program means schools will experience the extended benefits of a safe and healthy environment.


The students, teachers and parents can rest at ease knowing that the spread of germs, illnesses and bacteria are minimised with the Educleaning Program and we help to preserve our communities for future generations.

Education Sector

The education sector encompasses a broad range of facilities and institutions, but what they do have in common is their high demand and high traffic nature.

Our broad range of service offering has enabled Spree to respond to the numerous challenges, which are offered from the education sector, with seamless and prompt solutions.


Our skilled managers and staff take absolute control and responsibility for the whole package provided, meaning your staff and teachers are not forced to manage non-educational services.

We identify the best valued tailored package to meet your school community needs. The program provides schools with either a single service or a bundled service package including Green Cleaning Washroom Services, Carpet Care, Multi-skilled and Facility Support Service Teams.

Delivering an outstanding customer experience, that keeps us ahead of our competition on all different sectors


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