For more than 20 years, Spree has been serving the public and government sector.


Our Experience

Spree has been supporting and working with Government owned organisations for 6 years. During this time Spree has provided waste management, washroom and hygiene services and general cleaning, with over 20 staff members across a five-day period.

The organisation’s area of operation extends far beyond the boundaries of the city of Melbourne to include Victoria’s regional communities. This presents a unique and complex service challenge.

Service, Flexibility and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions


Given Spree’s ability to offer its clients a customised service program, it has enabled us to support our customers with a flexible service, which is an essential element in Spree’s winning philosophy.

Sustainability is a core principle of this organisation and is featured in all of its operations. Spree has been able to provide a cleaning solution, which not only ensures a workplace which is fundamentally clean and healthy but also kind to the environment.

It is through such services that we continue to shape the industry with cutting-edge eco-friendly developments.


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