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Whether we’re servicing an aged care facility or pharmaceutical research laboratories, we understand it’s critical to ensure that preventative control measures for bacteriological cross infection are integrated into the cleaning and facility service processes and workflow procedures that we offer.

Our service model is designed to be flexible and provides a customised service plan with the most cost effective and safest solutions available for our clients.

Most often the requirements within the health care sector demand specialised planning, which requires a uniquely tailored service plan.

Our service commences with a stringent induction and training criteria that is related to specific cleaning methodologies and waste management requirements for this sector.

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We pledge to be an active citizen in our community. To continue supporting worthwhile causes and actions that support and promote a clean and healthy environment.

At Spree our values have and continue to guide our moral and ethical behaviour, policies and conduct. Therefore, symbolising the integrity and responsibility of our corporate citizenship and our aspirations to maintain the confidence of our society in our organisation.


We pledge personal respect, fair remuneration, integrity, honesty and impartial treatment. To those who are committed and seek to advance their careers, we will make every effort to provide an opportunity to do so.

We make our commitment to be an equal opportunity employer that foster diversity in the workplace. We encourage and practise company-wide excellence, leadership, innovation and teamwork. We acknowledge and practise all safety, environmental and cleanliness procedures and maintain a healthy balance between our personal and professional lives.

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It is through such services that we continue to shape the industry with cutting-edge eco-friendly developments.


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