We Provide Safe Workplaces

Our processes, methodologies and procedures for the industrial and manufacturing sector are unique and flexible. We accommodate the critical workplace safety protocols of each customer and the underlying qualitative and quantitative operational performance. Spree provides mostly cleaning and washroom services to many of Australia’s most successful manufacturing and industrial companies.

The methods and procedures, therefore, differ somewhat from other market sectors. Responsible workplace safety practices are critical and are the foundation for the qualitative and quantitative performances.

With significant emphasis placed on safety, we understand that we need to customise our processes and operational procedures to ensure they correlate with our customers’ policies and guidelines.

By having such flexibility, we can very quickly implement tailored work practices that align with our customer needs and values. This means that we are building site-safety knowledge and never comprising the working conditions of our employees, customers, suppliers or communities.

To Our Customers

To Our Team

We pledge excellence in everything we do. If we fall short, we will immediately rectify the situation and make it better.

We promise to regularly improve our services and processes through development, experience and knowledge and sharing an unyielding commitment to be the very best in our industry and for our customers.


We pledge personal respect, fair remuneration, integrity, honesty and impartial treatment. To those who are committed and seek to advance their careers, we will make every effort to provide an opportunity to do so.

We make our commitment to be an equal opportunity employer that foster diversity in the workplace. We encourage and practise company-wide excellence, leadership, innovation and teamwork. We acknowledge and practise all safety, environmental and cleanliness procedures and maintain a healthy balance between our personal and professional lives.

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It is through such services that we continue to shape the industry with cutting-edge eco-friendly developments.


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