Team Recruitment

Our emphasis is on recruiting outstanding human talent, simple and efficient systems, and an experienced management structure to support our clients in responding to everyday activities. We undertake quantitative analysis to help us measure the value our clients receive. One point of contact for clients means greater value and more time saved on managing non-core areas of business.


Being flexible also means we have the ability to scale the delivery model up or down, as circumstances demand. But greater than just cost or time saving is the positive effect our services have on the environment, a benefit we all share, and we have developed ‘Our Pledge’ as a range of sustainability and human resources initiatives.

We provide a simple and also highly specialised range of cleaning solutions covering virtually every need:


Shopping Centres

Spree services a number of retail shopping centres, providing a customised service that encompasses a broad range of options. Since 2002, Spree has been servicing a major Melbourne shopping centre on a daily basis. Our trained 7 staff members have the skills and resources necessary to attend to all the services that are required by the corporation and its shopping centre. From general cleaning to waste management, hygiene and washroom services to the management of graffiti.

The high traffic flows and subsequently the extensive use of food courts means that shopping centre’s are on-demand environments that have both predictable and planned day-to-day services. The challenges of those emergency situations that occur are tackled by Spree’s ‘Immediate Responsive Action’ (IRA), which is an instant response from our workforce to such incidents. Spree also works closely with the managers of the shopping centres to develop a service scope, which is tailored to the individual site and its needs.

Builders Centres

Currently, you’ll find us playing a supporting role in the success of major government and private organisations. This means that we service many CBD buildings, retail centres, industrial and education facilities ranging from 4,000 sqm through to 40,000 sqm, consisting of many iconic names and locations.

Ultimately, this means that you can rely on Spree to take care of your building's cleaning and facility requirements, in addition to proving a more cost effective and efficient solution.

Our client lists are made up of large multi-national corporations, property managers, privately owned consortium's and publicly listed property trusts.

Our unique processes, all encompassing service packages and value for money is all you need for your retail centre facility.


The time with which Spree devotes to understanding each of its client and the services required means a smoother operation, greater value and a decrease in using multiple service facility businesses.

Given the scale and high-traffic flows experienced by this shopping centre presented a challenge not only in terms of logistics, but also in terms of waste, hygiene, cleaning and soft services. Spree’s multi-faceted facility service offering and skilled staff means that such challenges were meet and overcome, daily.

Delivering an outstanding customer experience, that keeps us ahead of our competition on all different sectors


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