One of our latest service additions and is delivered through our selected third-party suppliers.


Spree's Control system

Step One: Assessment

Spree’s pest control sector of the business has staff members which are trained to identify pest threats and areas at risk. They inspect, identify, and evaluate all the underlying reasons behind the pest infestation at a facility, before any other steps are taken.

Step Two: Application

Spree provides year-round monitoring, documentation and communication to help ensure the ongoing effectiveness of our pest control services.



Step Three: Monitoring

We work with clients to treat the causes of infestation in ways that are best suited for the occupants of the environment they have been found in. We create customised pest control plans that effectively target pests found in inside environments or outside all year long.

It is another service that we have been able to integrate into our service offering to ensure that we continue to supply our customers with value and cost efficiencies.


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