Special Operations Division

Our Special Operations Division provides specialised cleaning services for a range of niche markets and clients. Our range of specialised services focus on developing service programs that are highly technical, requiring specialised know-how and methodologies.

Our Special Operations division relies on our proprietary flow-chart processes to enable concise project planning and execution. This approach is also coupled with our ability to draw upon our deep and experienced knowledge bank of IP, capabilities and resources to identify the best practices for delivering on specified outcomes.

At times, delivering on our range of specialised services requires a very unique, lateral and systematic approach that provides solutions for very complex requirements.

Each project presents new challenges that command specialist skills to cross analyse the project from deliverables such as workplace safety, commercial risk, operational yields and resource planning. This allows us to determine the most cost-efficient solution available without comprising the safety of our people and risk to our business.

Some of our recent projects have been testament to our ability to deliver, for example cleaning almost 10 kilometres of underground tunnels. This was a highly sensitive environment that required specialist apparel, safety apparatus, equipment and materials and a work plan that would optimise resource productivity whilst complying with the OHSE Site Safety Plan.


Our high pressure services provide cost-effective and intense cleaning solutions for areas such as car parks, facades, walkways, promenades and other high-traffic external environments. These systems also enable the effective removal of dirt build-up, grease and residue in hard-to-reach areas or those not serviceable by conventional equipment. Our high pressure cleaning utilises chemicals that are biodegradable and eco-friendly. We also use recycled water wherever possible.


Some of the challenges we face require innovative cleaning methodologies for confined spaces. The variable diameter access openings and limited weight bearing floor systems require intense project planning schedules and concise integration of the service delivery blueprint.

Industrial & Commercial Sweeping

For more than 10 years, Spree Enterprise has provided Industrial Commercial Sweeping services whether it is your small warehouse facility, open public spaces, car parks and roads, or council streets and 50,000sqm distribution centres.

We have always embraced and utilised the latest technologies in machinery whether it be for an ad hoc service or a periodically scheduled sweeping contract. This allows Spree to drive value in areas such as cost efficiencies and sustainable practices.

Spree offers a wide range of power sweeping and scrubbing services to clients in both the public and private sectors. Spree’s sweeping services are adaptable, responsive and some of the best in the industry.

Our fleet encompasses ride-on sweepers and scrubbers for road sweeping, it also includes mechanical scrubbing. The services that Spree offers extend to a range of open space cleaning for council roads and properties, car parks, civil construction, warehouses and public domains.


Industrial and Commercial Sweeping is one of Spree’s core service competencies and we constantly seek out new technologies for tools, processes and materials that will further improve the service that we provide.

We employ industrial sweeping and floor scrubbing with state of the art equipment that handles jobs from a small area comprising of 500 sqm to large areas between 20,000-50,000 sqm.

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